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Power to the People: What Happens When a Social Media Platform is Decentralized?

Bitcoinist 25 Oct 2021
It’s no wonder that with a decentralized organization, there is a massive appeal to the rise of blockchain projects and their focus on transparency, equality, and having a voice; not just in their company mission statements, but in the very fabric of the blockchain structure.

Nigeria officially announces CBDC eNaira

OBN 25 Oct 2021
Built on the technology of the open-source blockchain Hyperledger Fabric, e-Naira is a digital currency that is exchanged one-on-one with the country’s legal tender, Naira. Oshita Nuwanisobi, director of public relations at the Central Bank of Nigeria, explained. ... ....

Concept Art House raises the NFT roof with $25M funding round

Business Journal 21 Oct 2021
Investors in the round included Dapper Labs, Animoca Brands, Anthos, Appworks, Blockchain ...

Welcome to WinkyVerse: The First Global Education Games Metaverse

Bitcoinist 19 Oct 2021
The disruptive power of blockchain technology has eaten deep into the fabrics of almost all existing industries one can think of ... As Blockchain technology is pioneering the development of the gaming metaverse, much hasn’t been heard of the educational aspect of the metaverse, not until WinkyVerse showed up.

FormFree selects Amazon Web Services (AWS) to power consumer financial identity solutions

Rocky Mount Telegram 18 Oct 2021
FormFree to leverage Amazon Managed Blockchain to create FormFree Exchange, a Hyperledger Fabric network ... FormFree will leverage leading AWS technologies such as Amazon Managed Blockchain to create a scalable Hyperledger Fabric network to deliver its Passport® Token and vision of ...

Bitcoin: Strong Bitcoin Competitors

Cryptopolitan 13 Oct 2021
Consider Bitcoin alternatives? See which Blockchain platforms Bitcoin users have additionally taken into account in their buying choice ... The network works through intelligent contracts written in a computer code uploaded to the Blockchain through which other cryptocurrencies function ... Blockchain IBM.

Chip squeeze leaves manufacturers vulnerable on supply and quality

The Irish Times 07 Oct 2021
There is now a severe global shortage of semiconductor parts, caused by a confluence of factors ... California’s Rambus Security is promoting tamper-proof unique security numbers during the semiconductor fabrication process. SyncFab in California, India’s LTI Consulting and others advocate blockchain technology to audit the lifecycle of each part ... .

Yellow Card raises $15m Series A funding for African expansion

Business Day Online 28 Sep 2021
Valar Ventures, Third Prime, and Castle Island led the round in Yellow Card. Participation came from Twitter’s Square, Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Polychain Capital, BlockFi, Fabric Ventures, Raba Partnership, MoonPay, GreenHouse Capital, and more ... Read also. Why Evergrande bankruptcy is causing anxiety in crypto market.

Nigeria, Ghana sprint to join digital currency race

The Times of India 22 Sep 2021
LAGOS ... "eNaira will be for transactionary purposes." ... The new eNaira will be issued by the CBN as legal tender like the current naira currency and will operate on the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain ... Nigeria climbed two steps this year to rank sixth globally in crypto adoption, according to blockchain data platform Chainalysis ... .

Blockchain: Macroeconomic Trends

Power Technology 21 Sep 2021
Industry alliances or consortia have become popular as implementation of blockchain solutions requires a group of parties to agree to use the network. Blockchain projects need to demonstrate their effectiveness in addressing the needs of multiple stakeholders to ensure everyone is motivated to use the solution ... Blockchain talent.

Portal Brings Bitcoin-based DeFi to the Masses, Raises $8.5 million

Inside Bitcoins 21 Sep 2021
Achieving interoperability between different blockchains is a problem a number of projects are attempting to solve – doing so in a truly decentralised fashion is even harder, but Portal thinks it’s cracked it ... “Fabric lets you spin up your own secure layer two peer-2-peer network using Bitcoin blockchain as the trust anchor.”.

RBI regulatory sandbox: How this fintech uses blockchain for cross-border pay

Live Mint 15 Sep 2021
The Reserve Bank of India has selected Open Financial Technologies Pvt Ltd to build a blockchain-based cross-border payment system ... For the cross-border payment system under the RBI’s regulatory sandbox, the start-up would use Hyperledger Fabric, which is a Linux-based open-source blockchain.

Adaptive Computing Challenge 2021

Technology Org 09 Sep 2021
This year’s challenge consists of three new categories ... Category 1 ... Category 2 ... Within the Big Data Analytics framework, this contest exclusively focuses on accelerating blockchain applications including Proof of Work (PoW) algorithms that require high memory bandwidth and transaction validation for permission blockchains such as Hyperledger Fabric.

How Far Can CBN Sustain e-Naira?

All Africa 08 Sep 2021
... Fabric Blockchain technology is being used globally.

Microsoft obtains patent for ‘Ledger-Independent Token Service’ in US

OBN 27 Aug 2021
US IT giant Microsoft has now received a patent for a service related to blockchain technology that facilitates a cross-chain token administration system ... Some of the notable platforms mentioned in the patent were Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, JPMorgan’s enterprise blockchain platform Quorum, R3 Corda, and Chain Core.